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Free Shipping On US & CA | Save 10% Code: BST
Why You Can Trust Bostingner Shower System

Why You Can Trust Bostingner Shower System

Bostingner endeavor to provide domestic and foreign customers with the most excellent products and service, create the first-class shower system enterprise.

Why we can stand out from many brands in the market, check the advantages below:

We use 304 stainless steel for the rain shower head and shower hose, handheld shower head, body jets, pressure balance valve, shower arm, shower holder are made of brass. We can make sure the quality, it is not so easy to get broken.

We have reliable design. With Air Energy Pressurized Technology to increase the water pressure. Anti-Clogging Silicone Jets to prevent lime and hard water deposits. Ten Layer Electroplating Process offers a sleek look and excellent corrosion resistance for long-term use.

The CUPC Certified Pressure Balance Cartridge can effectively control water pressure balance to prevent scald and cold water shock. 1/2" NPT tapered threads for smooth install and leakage proof.

Our products are  multi-function.  It has 3 Functions, Overhead shower, handheld spray and body jets (notice they cannot be used at same time). With Ultra-thin and Innovative Concealed Design, build a nice and clean shower space in your bathroom.

We offer Lifetime Warranty. Any non-artificial product quality problem can be guaranteed free of charge. The shower cartridge is permanently replaced free of charge.



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