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Upgrade Features Of Bostingner Shower System

Upgrade Features Of Bostingner Shower System

Unlike some low-flow showerheads that essentially confine water stream, new showerheads include an enhanced spray design that safeguards the showering experience clients are familiar with conventional flow showerheads.

The new systems have been tested many times for user safety. They include Pressure Balance Cartridge, which can effectively control water pressure balance to prevent scald and cold water shock. The valve also meets the performance requirements for pressure and temperature variation. With Air Energy Pressurized Technology to increase the water pressure. Anti-Clogging Silicone Jets to prevent lime and hard water deposits.

This shower system provides the option of wall-mounted + handheld showerhead models — or a wall-mount + handheld + body jets combination. The wall-mounted showers feature a 304 stainless steel shower head, solid brass hand hose and a durable chrome finish, while the body jets are made of brass to prevent water damage.

Both the wall-mount and handheld showers featured with self-cleaning nozzles. That helps make them virtually maintenance-free. Any non-artificial product quality problem can be guaranteed free of charge. The shower cartridge is permanently replaced free of charge for the new shower system.

"It is a safe and friendly experience for every user, every time, while offering house owners with a high performance solution that can reduce costs." Said by Kelly.

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