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The Top 14 Bathroom Design Trends Of 2024

The Top 14 Bathroom Design Trends Of 2024

Many people are turning to professional designers and looking for new design trends to incorporate into their bathrooms. With a growing fascination and emphasis on personal care, the home’s bathroom is somewhere you can feel completely relaxed as you take some time out of the day to treat yourself.

That’s why it is important to take the time to think about your bathroom’s design. Follow these chic design trends to make your bathroom a space that exudes style, sophistication, and ultimate relaxation.

Above Ground Vanities

Above-ground vanities essentially have a space at the bottom of the counter, making it easier for you to stand in front of the unit. This style, also known as floating vanities, also offers additional storage underneath and creates a futuristic element to add to your bathroom. This 2024 bathroom design trend is really taking off in the interior design world and will be a great addition to your bath or shower room for those times you need to take out of your day to work on yourself.

Above Ground Vanities

Split Sinks

Split or separated sinks are said to be the secret to long-lasting relationships. They truly create a space where you can enjoy your own personal space and spend the time on yourself you deserve. A split setup also allows for more diverse styles and design elements to uplift the look of your bathroom space. Designers are certainly leaning towards this bathroom design trend for 2024.

Black Faucets

Black faucets are super trendy in interior design right now. They have made appearances in kitchens and bathrooms in some of the most chic homes around the world. They pair wonderfully with gold or copper accents, especially if you have a flair for the more bold looks when it comes to your design preferences. So why should your bathroom be any different? Accents of black don’t need to stop at your faucets. You can also have black basins and bold-coloured splashbacks to complement this look.

Black Faucets

Stone Floors and Tiling

One of the best trends of 2024 is incorporating a bit of nature into your bathroom. It’s very fashionable at the moment to add plants and natural features to your bathroom. So why should your flooring be any different? Stone flooring is a great way to incorporate the feeling of a forest stream into your bathroom. Despite ‘stone’ being a color on its own, there are actually plenty of color schemes you can go for. The only real decision you have to make is choosing your base tone. Mainly, you can choose between a yellow undertone or gray, but this entirely depends on the rest of the design features of your bathroom. Stone flooring also has a lovely feel underfoot. It dries quickly and acts as a natural ant–slip material.

Stand Alone Bathtubs

For those who want a more luxurious look in their homes, a stand-alone tub says it all. They also have a variety of designs within themselves, which will add to your look. From sleek curved edges to the classic look of Victorian tub feet, they really do have the potential to complement most design schemes. Having a stand-alone tub also creates the impression of increased space in the bathroom. Although not ideal for smaller spaces, they are perfect additions to homes blessed with larger bathrooms.

Stand Alone Bathtubs

Checkered Tiling

For 2024, the checkered tiling look is moving away from the typical black and white scheme and more onto the neutral colors. Grays, whites, beiges, and pastel eggshells are trending in modern bathroom designs. These softer colors create more of a serene space, which stays in line with another trend - creating a spa-like environment in your bathroom. The checkered tiling look adds style and dynamic to your bathroom, giving you two colors to work with as your base. The checkered pattern also adds interest to the overall pallet. You can even spice up the design to incorporate a third color, using smaller tiles on the corner of the larger ones to create an interwoven grid.

Light Wood Tones

Having wood in your bathroom makes it feel like you’re in a wellness and relaxation facility, which, as mentioned, is one of the key design trends for the year. Light woods line fine, bamboo, and oak create stunning bathroom features and are ideal for basin counters, vanities, product caddies, or laundry hamper holders. When using wood in your bathroom, you need to treat it with the proper finishes to avoid warping or misshaping due to excessive moisture. Your design specialist should be able to help you with these.

Framing Your Shower

Previously, showers have typically been plain glass enclosures that weren’t paid that much attention. Now, they have become a canvas to add to bathroom design. Framing your shower enclosure adds points of interest to the shower and adds depth, which creates the impression of increased space in the room. You can also use styles like French framing, asymmetrical patterns, or multi-material framing. Having framed showers is like having a room inside a room, and it adds a splash of luxury.

Marvelous Marbling

Marble is really making a comeback in 2024, with many bathrooms adopting the material on countertops and sometimes tiling. In some other excellent bathroom designs, you may see entire basins or bathtubs made out of marble. One of the key reasons for this is the material offers a level of uniqueness that other materials simply don’t. No two cuts are the same, so it’s an ideal incorporation for anyone who wants to bring customised features into their bathroom.

Wooden Cladding

Again, in line with the spa-like feel that’s topping the trend lists for bathroom design, wooden cladding is ideal. Cladding in the shower or as a backsplash reminds you of a sauna or steam room in your favorite wellness center, so it’s a great design to have in your bathroom. One of the best materials to use in accented cladding is bamboo. It’s highly sustainable, light, and durable, making it ideal for a space that has to deal with large amounts of moisture at any given time. This is also a great design for anyone living in an eco home or wanting to bring the outdoors in.

Matching Detailed Features

As with any design, the real genius comes with the attention to detail. From soap dishes to lotion dispensers, coordinating them with the overall color and design scheme of the bathroom will really bring the whole space together. If you have wooden cladding, consider getting wooden accessories. You can apply a design rule similar to that of marble and stone. Having consistency in your design is certainly one of the top bathroom design trends for 2024.

Neutral Colour Schemes

Although pops of color work really well in the rest of the home, the bathroom should have more of a neutral tone; at least, that’s what the trends of 2024 say. Neutral color palettes help to create that zen feel that so many go for in their bathrooms. If color is truly important, then consider going with green accents to complement the natural look. Overall, however, light gray, wood brown, or beige bases are ideal for creating a relaxing environment in your space.

Statement Mirrors

Having a large mirror or one with an unusual design is a great way to bring your own personality into the space. Statement mirrors can often overpower other living spaces; however, in the bathroom, they add flow and size to the room. From a convenience point of view, statement mirrors are also ideal as they create a useful vanity addition for applying makeup or conducting your skincare routine. The last thing anyone wants is to be battling for visual space while getting ready. Investing in a statement mirror will certainly add to your bathroom design.


Waterfall Shower Heads

There’s nothing better than the feeling of standing under a waterfall shower that covers your entire body, which is probably why large waterfall shower heads have made their way onto the list of top bathroom design trends in 2024. Large shower heads also come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can create synergy with the rest of the bathroom. These are truly great additions to your bathroom from both a functionality and aesthetic perspective.

Bostingner Square Rain Shower Head - Bostingner


After looking into these bathroom design trends for 2024, you should have all the inspiration you need to tackle your next bathroom makeover. If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, or even if you’re in the throes of building an entirely new one, why not check out this fittings page for fresh ideas for your new dream space?

From faucet ideas to showerheads, Bostingner has a wide variety of styles and features for you to choose from. They’re also on call to assist you with any queries you may have regarding bathroom fittings.

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