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Attention: We are currently on vacation. All orders will not be shipped until the end of February. Thanks for your understanding.
Attention: We are currently on vacation. All orders will not be shipped until the end of February. Thanks for your understanding.
New Arrival: Bostingner Ultra-Luxury Multi Shower System

New Arrival: Bostingner Ultra-Luxury Multi Shower System

Now the shower is not just to wash away the stains on the body. With the development of society, the innovation of bathroom products and the gradual increase of people's work pressure, the shower can actually be a kind of enjoyment, a way to let people temporarily stop work, Take a moment to relax and enjoy, after all, no one works while taking a shower, right?

At this time, a good shower system set is very important. first. It looks good in appearance, because you don't want to go to an ugly shower when you are relaxing; secondly, it better be durable, because it really affects the mood if it breaks after washing; Thirdly, If there are more functions, then you can change the shower mode at will... The above are the wishes of people for shower appliances. With the advancement of technology, there are many shower tools for showers that can achieve these points.

Then, at this time, you may have another problem. It is really difficult to choose from so many brands of shower appliances. Hey, don't worry, the Bostingner online store will recommend you a multi-function shower system which meet your all requirement. 

Unlike normal shower kit that can only use single function at a time, Bostingner Shower head system can be used both the rainfall shower head and handheld spray SIMULTANEOUSLY that strikes the perfect balance of GENEROUS COVERAGE and HIGH PRESSURE. The PUSH BUTTON design makes it easy to switch settings, so children and elderly can also use it without a problem. The Upgrade Anti-scald pressure balance valve is key to safe homes, effectively control water pressure balance to prevent scald and cold water shock.This shower head combo set adapt Swiss premium NEOPERL Check Valve runs quieter without water-hammer noise. Ultra-thin rain shower faucet with Air Energy Pressurized Technology can give you a nice gentle relaxing shower experience by providing your whole body with consistent powerful shower massage. Upgraded handheld shower nozzles, Narrower Opening make it more pressurize that will work well regardless of how good or bad your home water pressure is.

With high quality, this shower system has three colors (matte black, brushed nickel, brushed nickel) and two hanging methods (ceiling mount and wall mount), you can choose any style which you want. It can meet your needs in terms of appearance and multifunctional performance, and it is a very worthwhile shower set.

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