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Which is better round or square rain shower head?

Which is better round or square rain shower head?

The comfort of bathing is closely related to the shower system. In the design of shower sets, the shower head has always been the place where designers spend the most time. Whether it is the shape and size of the shower head, or the water outlet method of the shower head, it will affect the aesthetics and comfort of the shower. There are many shower head shapes on the market to suit any bathroom style and theme. The traditional bathroom shower heads are mainly round, and there are too many bathroom shower heads on the market now, such as round, square, triangular, star, and irregular shapes. Among them, the most common shower heads are round and square. So, which is better round or square rain shower head?

round vs square rain shower head

Before we choose a square or round shower head, let us first understand what is a shower head and what shapes does shower heads come in?

What is a rain shower head?

A rain shower head is a shower head that simulates rainfall by delivering a soft and wide spray pattern, providing a luxurious and relaxing shower experience.

What shapes do shower heads come in?

Shower heads of different shapes provide people with personalized choices. Here are the three main groupings of shower head shapes:

1. Round or oval rain shower head

Round or oval rain shower heads come in round and oval shapes. This shower head shape seems to be the most common as it provides good coverage and even distribution of water. It is also very common because of its versatility and style. They can be modern and classic at the same time.

2. Square or rectangular rainfall shower head

Square or rectangular shower heads typically have a wide, flat shape. This showerhead has a more angular shape with sharp edges and corners. They tend to be larger than round or oval shower heads and offer a different type of shower experience, more of a "rainfall" vibe. Square or rectangular bathroom shower heads also offer a contemporary look.

3. Irregular shape rain shower head

Irregular shaped shower heads include triangular, flower petals, leaves and even stars. These are primarily for decorative purposes and may not provide the same functionality as the more common round vs square shower heads. But it's still fun to have them in the bathroom. They are very eye-pleasing if we want to give our bathroom a distinctive look.

rain shower head

After we have some basic understanding of the shower head, now we start to discuss today's topic: Which is better square vs round shower head? There is no one standard answer to this question, because everyone has their own preferences, which vary from person to person. However, there is actually a slight difference between the two.

Below I will discuss the bathroom size, the shower experience, the bathroom design style, the bathroom accessories, the number of shower water jets, the shower head material, the water pressure, the shower head price, the maintenance and cleaning, the the intent of entire property, etc. From this angle to analyze and judge whether we should choose a square shower head or a round shower head. And we will also know how to choose a shower head after reading this article? 

Bathroom Size

Our bathroom size can affect our choice of shower head shape. A round shower head can complement a smaller bathroom, while a square shower head might fit a larger or modern design bathroom. If we have a small bathroom, it is not wise to choose a large shower head. For a small bathroom, it is better to go for a sizeable round shower head. For large bathrooms, a square shower head will do just fine. Therefore, if the bathroom area is small, between the round and square rain shower head, the round shower head is better. If we have a large bathroom, we might consider choosing a square shower head.

rain shower head

Shower Experience

There is not much difference in water flow and water pressure between round and square shower heads. However, our shower experience may vary due to different shower designs. The nozzles in round shower heads are usually organised in circles. They deliver a traditional spray that radiates out. However, the nozzles in square shower heads are usually set in rows that let the water fall straight down. We may find that square rain shower head delivers a more even and natural rainfall-mimicking shower.

rain shower head

Bathroom Design Style

The bathroom overall design style will also affect our choice of shower head. A round shower head looks softer due to its shape, it is more suitable for traditional, classic and timeless bathrooms. If our bathroom accessories have soft edges and are round, a round rain shower head would be a good choice. The square shower head is more angular and modern, it is more suitable for modern, stylish and angular bathroom. For a modern bathroom where most fixtures are angular, such as a square bathtub, to match its design style, a square shower head is the way to go.

rain shower head

Bathroom Accessories

If we're after cleaner lines in our fittings (for example, if we have a square tub and a square switch in our bathroom), a square shower head is often the smarter choice. If our bathtub and basin are round or have soft edges, the round shower head will be a smart choice.

Number of Shower Head Water Jets

For a same size shower head, a square shower head will have more water jets than round one. More water jets means more coverage and a better shower experience. So if we want more water jets for better shower experience, please choose square rainfall shower head.

rain shower head

Shower Head Material

Shower heads are usually available in plastic, brass or stainless steel finishes. Round shower heads are mostly made of plastic, while square shower heads are mostly made of brass or stainless steel. Essentially, square shower heads use better materials for the body, which translates to more durability, since brass or stainless steel are more durable.

Water Pressure

The level of water pressure in our home can also affect our choice of shower head. The size of the square shower head range from 6 inches to 20 inches. The size of the round shower head range from 5 inches to 15 inches. So a square shower head will have a larger size than a round shower head. Larger shower heads mean they require more water pressure than smaller shower heads to get the water flowing evenly from all the nozzles. If we have low water pressure in our home, opting for a round shower head is a more viable option.

rain shower head

Shower Head Price

Round shower heads are less expensive than square shower heads. The square shower has a large surface area and a large number of nozzles, so the price will be more expensive.

Rainfall Shower Head Maintenance and Cleaning

Square rain shower heads have more edges and corners, which can make cleaning more challenging than round rainfall shower heads. Round shower heads tend to have a simpler design and are easier to clean and maintain.

The Intent Of Entire Property

If we have plans of selling our property in the future, we may want to choose a shower head that will help increase the value of our home. We can also go with a shape that is more in tune with current and evolving trends. This may make it easier to resell when we want to.

A round shower head will usually match any type of bathroom fixture while a square one may not. Therefore, if we want a shower head that will be more versatile and fit in any type of bathroom, go for a round one. If we want a stylish and modern look that will make our bathroom stand out, go for a square one.

rain shower head

To sum up, whether to choose a round shower head or a square shower head depends on our needs. We should choose the most suitable rainfall shower head according to our bathroom conditions and favorite style, and also bring us a good shower experience.

FAQ About Round VS Square Rain Shower Head

Q: What is the difference between a square or round rain shower head?
A: The main difference between round and square rain showers is the shape of the overhead shower head. The round rain shower is round, and the square rain shower is square or rectangular. Choosing between the two is purely a matter of personal preference and the aesthetic style you want for your bathroom.

Q: Are round rain shower heads more common than square rain shower heads?
A: Historically, round rain shower heads have been more common and traditional in design. However, square rain shower heads have grown in popularity in recent years as they have a more modern and modern look. Both options are readily available in the market, and the choice depends on personal preference and the overall style of the bathroom.

Q: Is the shower experience the same for round and square rain shower head?
A: In terms of function, round and square rain shower heads provide a similar shower experience. They provide a gentle, relaxing flow of water that mimics rainfall. The difference is mostly about aesthetics and the overall style of your bathroom that you prefer.

Q: Can I install a round or square shower head in an existing shower installation?
A: In most cases, you can install a round or square shower head in an existing shower installation. However, it is important to make sure that your current shower arm is compatible with the rain shower head you choose. Note the size and connection type of your overhead waterfall shower head and make sure it matches your existing plumbing.

Q: Are square or round shower heads harder to clean?
A: Cleaning a square or round rain shower head is largely similar. The cleaning process usually involves removing mineral deposits or debris from the nozzles. Both shapes can be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution, vinegar, or a toothbrush scrub nozzle. The difficulty of cleaning will depend more on the design and construction of a particular showerhead than its shape.

Q: Can I adjust the spray pattern of a round or square rain shower head?
A: Whether round or square, the spray pattern of most shower heads is usually fixed and designed to simulate rainfall. However, some rain shower heads may offer adjustable settings or other features, such as different spray patterns or a built-in diverter to switch between rain and hand shower options. Check the specifications for the particular rain showerhead you are considering to see if it offers any adjustable features.

Q: Are square shower heads good?
A: The square shower heads may be a good choice for some people, depending on their preferences and bathroom design. They have a modern and sleek look that can enhance the aesthetics of a modern bathroom. Square shower heads, especially those with rounded edges, often combine sleek design with a soft touch, appealing to those looking for a combination of modernity and comfort. Additionally, a square shower head can provide a more even distribution of water than a traditional round shower head, which can lead to a more satisfying and immersive shower experience. However, preference for square shower heads ultimately comes down to personal taste and overall bathroom design, as both square and round shower heads can provide excellent performance and functionality.

Q: what is the best size rain shower head?
A: What size rain shower head should i get? The best size for a rain shower head depends on personal preferences, the space available in the shower, and the desired shower experience. In general, shower heads come in a variety of sizes, with the most common being 8 inches to 12 inches in diameter. Larger shower heads, such as 10 or 12 inches, can provide a more luxurious and immersive rainfall experience, covering a larger area of your body. They are ideal for spacious showers with high water pressure. On the other hand, a smaller rain head, such as an 8-inch, may be better suited for tight bathrooms or showers with low water pressure. These smaller rainheads can still produce moderate rainfall, but the coverage area will be more localized. Ultimately, the best size rain shower head should fit your bathroom, suit your water pressure, and provide the desired level of relaxation and comfort during your shower.

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