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Insist On A Tub?

Insist On A Tub?

Do you still insist on installing a tub in master bath? Not too long ago the answer was absolutely "yes," but minds have changed quite a bit in the past few years.

According to the research done by social organizations in the past, 61% off the polled said that both a shower and tub was "critical" or "very critical" in the master bath for the average home. For the high consumption class, the percentage increases to 94 percent.

These investigations are a thing of the past, as builders and house owners are looking for ways to save budget. In the shower, as in every other room, they're doing so by reducing unnecessary finishing costs and focus on what makes the biggest difference. For example, having a tub and shower is not generally thought to be an essential need for resale. Given the decision, many buyers will choose a non tub house to save money.

Many customers actually want to find out whether a tub and shower are significant elements for resale. However, the response to that question isn't the main thrust it used to be, and more people will give the tub if a shower can satisfy their needs and lifestyle preferences, and makes the house more economical.

For buyers who want to add luxury to their master bath, Ray says she's a fan of replacing the tub with an enlarged shower with dual shower heads, digital controls, enhanced lighting - and no doors. "Eliminate the enclosure and have the entire room wet," she says "I think that speaks more to luxury than a jetted tub these days."

For buyers who need to add extravagance to their bathroom, Ray says she honestly love supplanting the tub with a developed shower system with different shower heads, convenient operation, upgraded lighting. 

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