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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Spending much time scrubbing the walls periodically is a very distressing thing. So, how to avoid this chore but still keep the bathroom clean? One solution is to clean up after each shower. It’s quick and easy, and most importantly, can prevent your bathroom from becoming more and messier due to your procrastination. To do this fast cleaning, focus on:

Removing water vapors – Squeegee the walls and glass doors after every shower. Mold thrives easily in damp conditions, so wipe the water dry each time to prevent mold formation.

Clean the grout – Specialist recommends scrubbing grout once every couple weeks (or anytime you need) using a 1:5 vinegar/water mixture. Avoid using bleach on grout because it strips away water repellency, making grout even more susceptible to mildew and staining. 

Clean the tiles –You can also use a 1:5 vinegar/water solution, too. (Don’t use 100% vinegar because it is too acidic, and never use it on marble or travertine.) Or you can do what home cleaning artist says “Simply spray the whole bathroom every week with shower cleaner diluted 10 parts water to one part cleaner. Spray and let it dry.

For Bostingner, We sell shower systems that are easy to clean. These showers are made of full metal (304 stainless steel & brass) with anti-microbial protection that prevent mold and mildew growth. That will make you easier to keep your bathroom clean. Check our website today to learn more.

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