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How to choose the right shower room

How to choose the right shower room

What situation is suitable for making a shower room

1. The bathroom has a space of more than 900*900mm, which will not affect other equipment.

Smaller than this size, there is no need to make a shower room. Although there is also a limit size of 800mm wide, it is easier for elbows to touch the glass when taking a shower.

2. It needs to be completely separated from wet and dry.

The conventional height of the shower is 2.1 meters, and the height of the shower room is basically above 1.8 meters, ensure that the shower water falls on the head of the person and don't splash. The shower height can be selected according to the tallest family member.

3. You are afraid of cold when taking a bath, especially when there are elderly people at home, the shower room can better keep warm.

What shape should the shower room choose

1. One-line shower room

The shower area in most homes is located deep in the bathroom, taking up the entire wall, with a straight-line shower cubicle that just divides the wet and dry areas in half.

The glass partition is a minimalist version of the one-line shower room, which has a certain role of dry and wet separation.

2. Square shower room

There is no way to fill the entire wall like a one-line shower room, so use a square to occupy a corner, and of course, it must meet the space requirements of 900*900mm.

3. Diamond-shaped shower room

Some bathrooms have a limited area, and the square right angle may be next to the toilet, which is relatively cramped. Change the right angle into a diamond shape, the external passage of the shower room can be much looser, and there is room for the door to open.

4. Arc shower room

The arc shape is also considered a variant of the square, which is more suitable for the elderly at home, and it will not be bumped.

The arc-shaped shower room can be customized.850mm*850mm is the limit size,otherwise it is like being locked in a cage.

Speaking of which, the shower room, as a modern bathroom equipment, has only been around for a hundred years from its birth to today.
A good shower room needs the quality of simplicity, comfort, sturdiness and cleanliness to adapt to modern life.

At the end of the day, we enter the shower room,and euipmented with a good rain shower system, just to have a nice shower.

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