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Save 12% when you purchase 2 or more items with code: PD12OFF
How to buy shower system?

How to buy shower system?

When we plan to do a new bathroom or plan to renovate the bathroom, we want our shower system to look beautiful while also performing well and being durable. There are many kinds of shower sets on the market now, and we don't know what kind of shower system we should buy. The right rainfall shower system can add a touch of comfort and luxury to our bathroom. To choose the right rain shower system for our bathroom, we need to acquire important knowledge to make the right decision.

The following buying guide contains some informations you are looking for on how to buy shower system and more to help you choose the right shower body sprays system for your bathroom.

What Is a Shower System?

Before we start learing shower system buying guide, let's first learn what a shower system is and what types it have?

A common shower system generally includes the essentials for a shower experience: shower head, handheld shower head, shower body spray, shower valve, tub spout, and more. All these shower parts that are installed on the shower wall can be standard or custom made. Any additional water faucets, for instance, will require their own plumbing behind the walls, and a remodel is the perfect time to position the pipes to optimize the different outlets’ performance. Shower panels and shower kits are available to create a full shower system experience for any plumbing arrangement, however, with no extensive changes necessary.

Thermostatic shower system

Whether you buy the fixtures individually, opt for a shower panel, or buy a fully outfitted shower system package ready to go, the basic pieces will be the same. The variety will be in how you incorporate them into your bathroom design.

Common types of rain shower system kit are as follows:

1. Electric Shower System

The electric shower systems have a built-in heater so you don't need a separate water heater. The cold water that passes through the shower turns hot automatically. Additionally, electric shower systems do not require specific plumbing to work. People who opt for electric shower systems are usually those who prefer automatic heating systems.

2. Digital Shower System

The digital shower system allows you to set the water temperature digitally on the panel and shower at your desired temperature. The easy-to-use programmable panel provides the exact water temperature for your shower and a spa-like shower experience.

3. Manual Mixer Shower System

The manual mixer shower system is a traditional shower setup that is common in our homes. This kind shower system has manual valves that can be adjusted to get the water to the desired pressure and temperature. They are easier to install and use, and can be operated efficiently by hand.

4. Thermostatic Shower System

The thermostatic shower systems feature a built-in thermostat to adjust the water temperature. You can adjust the temperature with this thermostat, and the next time you step in, your shower will run at the same preset temperature. The great thing about using these shower systems is that it does not suffer from sudden drops or rises in water temperature.

Thermostatic shower system

After we have a certain basic understanding of the shower set, let's discuss how to "how to buy a shower system".

Determine the Bathroom Style

Only when you have determined the style of your bathroom that you want, can you better plan your bathroom renovation and choose shower sets and other accessories for your bathroom. And try to keep the bathroom decor consistent.

Shower systems are designed with a wide variety of styles, from polished finishes to brushed or matt finishes shower systems, from sleek modern to traditional ornate shower sets, from single-function to multi-function shower systems, from exposed to concealed rain shower systems. Before choosing a shower set, you should know what kind of bathroom style you want, and what functions and shower experience you want rainfall shower system bring you. So that you can choose the one that suits you from a variety of rain shower systems. 

shower system

Pick the Shower Types

Let's start by understanding the shower types and choosing the one that's right for you. There are five types of common shower heads. Some of these shower heads have adjustable features that allow you to choose the spray pattern and intensity.

1. Single-head Spray Showerheads:

It is the familiar bulbous, adjustable nozzles that have been rinsing our collective bods for decades. Single-heads showerhead feature four or more individual nozzles that distribute the spray in patterns. The nozzles adjust with a small lever that changes the flow pattern from wide spray to concentrated streams.

2. Rainfall showerheads:

It provides a truly unique experience. With installed from the ceiling, rainfall shower heads cascade water from above to simulate the experience of being soaked by rainfall. Rain shower heads come in many sizes but most have a large head that ranges from 6 to 12 inches in diameter.

3. Dual and Multiple Showerheads:

It feature more than one showerhead controlled by a single set of levers (or handles). A typical configuration is a fixed, wall-mounted showerhead paired with a handheld counterpart. In some instances, a diverter valve allows the user to operate either showerhead or both simultaneously.

4. Hand-held Showerheads:

It feature a single head sprayer attached to a flexible hose, good for washing hair and those hard-to-reach places. It is especially useful for people with limited mobility and those who may shower in a sitting position.

5. Shower Body Sprays:

It have multiple spray heads integrated into the shower wall. The heads themselves are either compact nozzles, or are flat and nearly flush to the wall surfaces. The possible configurations are limited only by your imagination and your home's water pressure—you'll need at least 45 psi (pounds per square inch) delivered through three-quarter inch supply lines.

shower system with body jet

Choose Right Shower Valves

Shower valve is the plumbing part that controls the water flow of the shower tap. It regulates the pressure and temperature of the water while you shower.  It is often installed on the inside of the wall, and it is the most easily overlooked point of reference for purchasing.There are also many types of shower valves, and it is necessary to choose the best shower valve set.

1. Mixing Shower Valve: 

This is the basic device that mixes hot and cold water. When you twist your temperature control lever to make your water hotter or colder, you're adjusting your mixing valve.

2. Pressure-balance Shower Valve: 

It keeps the water temperature constant by adjusting the inflow pressure of cold and hot water. You also won't be surprised when the washing machine kicks in and steals your hot water pressure. It's also known as the anti-scald valve, and it's an especially nice safety feature for small children or the elderly. Its disadvantage is that it maintains a constant temperature by changing the pressure, so the total flow rate of water may fluctuate.

3. Anti-scald Pressure-balance Shower Valve: 

These valves are required in new home construction. In older homes, however, installing a pressure-balance valve may present problems. For example, clogged and corroded pipes may reduce pressure to the point where valves cannot function properly. If you have same problems, contact a licensed plumber to evaluate your pressure.

4. Thermostatic Shower Valve:

This is a more complex version of a pressure-balance valve. It maintains a constant temperature, but unlike traditional pressure balance valves, a thermostatic valve maintains a constant pressure. Thermostatic shower valve cost twice as much as simple pressure balancing valves.

Thermostatic shower valve

Shower System Finishes

Showerheads, shower body jets, handles and shower valve controls come in a many finishes including polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, hammered nickel, stainless steel, bronze, brushed bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, brushed gold, matte black etc. If you are particularly concerned about color consistency in your bathroom finishes, try to choose all bathroom fixtures, faucets and bathroom accessories from the same manufacturer wherever possible.

PS: While polished finishes are elegant, they require regular maintenance to keep them looking bright and free of spots. Brushed and matte finishes better hide water spots and fingerprints. Please choose the shower system finish you want according to your preferences.

shower body jet system

Choose a Concealed or Exposed Shower System

If you like a clean and simple bathroom style, you can choose a concealed shower system. Because only the shower head and controls are visible, the bathroom looks cleaner and sleeker. If you have a wall that you can’t channel into, such as a party wall or exterior wall, exposed shower system will be a good choice. The only part that goes into the wall is your hot and cold water intake, which requires very little depth. This is a more traditional way of installing a shower, which is why exposed shower sets look beautiful in classic-style bathrooms. Exposed pipe shower systems can also be more easily retrofitted with less disruption to existing tile.
concealed shower system

Consider Water Pressure

Considering the water pressure in your home is also an important consideration. Even the most expensive or best quality shower system can let you down if the water pressure is not up to par. When the water pressure at home is low, you can choose a shower system with a small flow rate to ensure that there is enough water pressure for the shower group to work normally. With high water pressure in your home, you might consider a rain shower system with a pressure relief valve to make sure the water doesn't flow too much. In addition,the shower system with water-saving function can also be used as one of the reference factors for purchasing. Based on current US regulations, no shower head can have a water flow rate greater than 2.5 gallons per minute at a standardized pressure of 80 pounds per square inch (PSI). Low-flow shower heads use even less than that, which translates to lower energy costs to the consumer.

Keep in mind, leaks, clogs, and old pipes that are wider than half an inch in diameter can all lead to low water pressure.

shower head

Want a Luxury Features?

If you need a luxury features for your bathroom, you can consider two shower below:

1. Steam Showers:

 These can be retrofitted into existing bathrooms or ordered for new construction. They are complete prefabricated shower units with special doors to help seal out the steam, or stand-alone components that can be installed in custom shower enclosures. The soul of the steam shower is a breadbox-sized generator that turns water into steam, which is piped into the shower. These can be retrofitted into existing bathrooms or ordered for new construction.

2. Digital Controls:

A multi-sensory experience at the touch of a button. Program your shower controls to adjust water flow, temperature, ambient lighting and your personal music collection.

Consider Your Bathroom Size

The bathroom size depends on the type of waterfall shower system you can install. If your bathroom is small size, you should choose the shower system from the perspective of saving space. Installing a large size shower body jet system in your small bathroom will just make it seem out of place. If your bathroom is large enough, you will have a more choice for shower system’ styles and sizes.

Consider Your Budget

The price of shower sets on the market ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Your budget can help you narrow down your options. Before shopping for the best shower system, you need to know how much you want to spend on a rain shower system.  A simple function shower system with adjustable settings is a great option for those on a low budget. For those with sufficient budget, they can choose a multifunctional shower system, such as the Bostingner thermostatic 3 function shower system. This stunning shower head system lets you choose between a handheld shower, massage body spray jets and a rainfall showerhead with just one click or enjoy all of it at the same time.

Determine Your Installation Requirements

The type of shower installation depends on the type of shower kit you purchase. Therefore, determine your installation requirements before purchasing a shower set. Shower heads can be wall or ceiling mounted, depending on the type of shower purchased and the plumbing setup. Traditional shower heads are mounted to the wall with shower arms, but many rain shower heads are mounted to the ceiling for a realistic rain effect. The installation of some multi-function shower systems is more complicated than that of single-function shower systems, and generally requires professional plumbers to complete. The single function shower system can also be easily installed by DIY enthusiasts.

Read Shower System Comments and Research

Please read shower system comments and suggestions from other customers before the final purchase. You can have a better understanding of the product and know if it is what you are looking for only after in-depth product research.

In conclusion, when choosing a shower system, please refer to these factors I listed above, which will help you to quickly find the perfect bathroom shower system. Whether traditional or modern, a multi-functionor a single-function, as long as it is the right shower system for your bathroom, it can play its best value and bring you a different shower experience.

If you have more questions about how to buy a shower set, please leave a comment below. You can also read more questions about shower systems below:

FAQ about Shower System 

Q: What’s the best way to keep the hose from rusting?
A: Rusted hoses can affect the overall look of your shower system, no matter how luxurious it looks. To prevent hose rust, first check the pH of the water to make sure it's not too low. The best range is between 6.5 and 8.5. Another factor is the presence of oxygen which can corrode the surfaces of these devices. Paying close attention to these two factors will prevent the hose from rusting.

Q: What shower system should I choose for maximum efficiency?
A: Experts believe that handheld shower system provides the most efficiency because it directs water to the targeted areas of your body. However, many mounted showerheads come with several spray settings to keep a lot of water from wasting and hence do not lead to high water bills.

Q: Do I need to seek professional assistance for installing shower systems?
A: If you can easily follow instructions and have some experience with plumbing, you can install a shower system yourself. However, it really depends on the specific shower system and how pre-plumbed it is already. If everything has to be connected from scratch, you may need professional assistance. On the other hand, if you do not have sufficient plumbing knowledge or experience, we strongly recommend that you seek professional help. This ensures the process goes on smoothly and there are no post-installation problems.

Q: Which is better, ceramic valve core or brass valve core?
A: Ceramic valve core is better. Brass is prone to copper rust, while ceramics have high hardness, precision and stability.

Q: Can I customize the spray patterns and water flow of a shower system?
A: Yes, many shower systems allow customization of spray patterns and water flow. Some systems offer adjustable settings, allowing you to switch between different spray modes (e.g., rainfall, massage, mist) and adjust water pressure to your preference.

Q: How do I determine the water pressure requirements for a shower system?
A: Water pressure requirements can vary depending on the specific shower system. You can consult the manufacturer's specifications or seek advice from a professional plumber to determine the water pressure requirements and ensure compatibility with your existing plumbing.

Q: Can I install a shower system in any bathroom?
A: In most cases, a shower system can be installed in any bathroom. However, it's important to consider the available space and compatibility with your existing plumbing. Some shower systems may require specific modifications or additional space for installation.

Q: Are there water-saving options available for shower systems?
A: Yes, there are water-saving shower systems available that are designed to reduce water consumption without compromising on performance. Look for shower systems with features like flow restrictors, aerators, or eco-friendly certifications to promote water conservation.

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