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Glass Rinser to Increase Kitchen Efficiency

Glass Rinser to Increase Kitchen Efficiency

The glass rinser are now becoming popular worldwide, it functions much like one in local coffee shops but is designed to work in home kitchens. It completely washes residuum in seconds with high-pressure water sprays that reach wherever you can't. From baby bottles and wine glasses to travel cups and water bottles, this glass rinser advantageously washes for almost any drink ware.

“Our market research indicate that customers are interested in finding out a solution to save more time on washing all kinds of bottles in the kitchen, so we decided to make their dream come true,” said David, the brand product manager. “Ideal thought for parents, barkeeper and beer enthusiasts alike, the kitchen tool provides a simple solution, increasing efficiency in the kitchen.”

Additional pros and advantages include:

Using a glass rinser can set your hands free, easy operation, so you can spend less time cleaning up in the kitchen. Simple DIY replacement for a soap dispenser, kitchen sprayer or sink hole cover - the perfect complement to your kitchen faucet. Effective and simple to install: It can be easily installed on sinks alongside anew or existing faucet. The design allows water to funnel directly into the sink with no concern about making a mess.

The most common finishes in the market are matte black and brushed nickel, but we update a new color - titanium gold, this color is so vintage and can be used for retro-hued kitchen decoration. More colors are being updated, follow us to know the news at first time.

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