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Free Shipping On US & CA | Save 10% Code: BST
Get a Matte Black Shower System to Start Your Bathroom Remodel

Get a Matte Black Shower System to Start Your Bathroom Remodel

Matte black finishes are becoming an a rapid upward trend in many aspects of our daily life. The influences reflect in cars, clothes, shoes, fashion to home designs, no one can get out of matte black. Since it can add modern and minimalism appearance of your home.

Let’s go on and talk about how you can remodel your bathroom using a matte black shower system combine with some other bathroom elements and decorations.

There’s no reason to chose between function and design when you can have both at the same time. Consider bostingner shower jet system for a modern shower head with upgraded functions at an affordable price. The shower system gives you a matte black rain shower head, a hand shower and 4 body sprays, which will give you multi-function enjoyment.

The point to fusion a matte black finish in your bathroom is balance. First decide which parts of your bathroom will be black, which won’t, and what proportion of the black elements should be. This creates balance to avoid attention on one place.

Change some or all of the ancillary facilities to a matte black finish. To save money, choose lower priced items for a more affordable remodel using matte black:

Cabinet hardware
Shower drain
Shower shelf
Shower rod or curtain

You can have endless design ideas to remodel your bathroom, this is the place where you can customize the space to show your true self:

Add stone or green plant to the matte black elements to create a natural atmosphere.
Match matte black with other finishes such as white to increase visual contrast.
Add a wall painting to bring vitality.

The inspirations are truly endless.
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