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Experience a More Comfortable Shower with a Thermostatic Shower System

Experience a More Comfortable Shower with a Thermostatic Shower System

Nowadays more and more people choose to use a thermostatic shower system rather than pressure balance shower system. The best thermostatic shower systems utilize the advanced technology to create a soothing environment that helps reduce stress and promote relaxation.

If you are looking to upgrade or renovate your bathroom design, a thermostatic shower system deserves your consideration.

For those seeking a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home, there is no better option than a thermostatic shower system. Why should you choose the thermostatic shower system? Today we’re going to answer it for you.

How a thermostatic shower system works?

The thermostatic shower can intelligently adjust and automatically balance the water pressure of cold water and hot water through the thermostatic adjustment valve core of the faucet to maintain a constant temperature of the outlet water. During normal use, manual adjustment is completely unnecessary. Thermostatic showers sense the actual temperature of the incoming water to maintain a steady temperature. These showers allow you to select the temperature and volume independent of each other.

A thermostatic valve actually controls the temperature of the water itself. It maintains a constant temperature like a pressure-balance valve does.  There are two handles for setting up, one for the water volume and one for the temperature.

The pros and cons of a thermostatic shower system:


  1. A thermostatic shower valve offers precise control of temperature and water flow, creating an enjoyable showering experience while saving on water. Combining independent control of temperature and flow, you can enjoy your showers with greater ease.
  2. Anti-scald and anti-cold shock: The thermostatic water mixing valve has anti-scald and anti-cold shock functions. During the bathing process, when the cold water is suddenly interrupted, the thermostatic water mixing valve can automatically turn off the hot water in a few seconds to prevent scalds.When hot water is suddenly interrupted, the thermostatic mixing valve can automatically shut off the cold water within a few seconds to prevent cold shock. With its precise temperature control, a thermostatic shower system can guarantee that the water never gets too hot or too cold, this means you can enjoy total comfort without worrying about scalding yourself.
  3. High temperature resistance: The internal components of the thermostatic water mixing valve are made of high temperature resistant materials whichcan work normally at high temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius.
  4. Built-in filter: The thermostatic mixing valve comes with a filter to prevent debris from entering the valve body and affecting the normal operation of the thermostatic mixing valve.
  5. Multiple head using together: You can use it with multiple heads in one shower, which you cannot do with a pressure-balance valve. When using more than one shower head, they all maintain water at the same temperature, but individual users can control their own volume.


  1. Cost more: The price is higher than that of ordinary shower heads, because the process of constant temperature shower heads is more complicated, and the price will also be higher than that of ordinary shower heads.
  1. Water pressure problem: If the water pressure in your home is too low or the difference between hot and cold water is too large, the water will automatically turn on protection and stop the water flow.
  1. Water quality requirements: If the water quality is too hard, it will affect the performance of the thermal element after a period of use. The thermal element is the key component to maintain a constant water temperature, and it will also affect the water temperature.

The solving methods of thermostatic shower heads issues

  1. If a gas water heater is used, when the fire is unstable during use, it will lead to insufficient flow and temperature of hot water. The water heater needs to be adjusted to high fire and large flow.
  2. The set temperature of the electric water heater is generally around 50°C. When water at this temperature passes through the thermostatic faucet, it will become even lower. So when you use electric water heater, you need to adjust the temperature of the electric water heater. Setting it higher will ensure that the waterwill not be too cold.
  3. The water outlet from the thermostatic faucet is maintained at a certain temperature. If the water outlet is uneven and the temperature is high or low, it is necessary to check whether the water outlet is continuous or intermittent. If it is continuous, it is caused by excessive pressure on one side. You can appropriately reduce the pressure of cold water or hot water, whichever side has the highest pressure, reduce it. If it is intermittent, the water temperature may be set too high. You need to adjust the water temperature to a suitable temperature, about 34℃-36℃, which can meet the demand without being too high. If neither of the above is the problem, there is a problem with the thermostatic valve core and you need to replace it.

If you are looking for a good thermostatic shower system and have no idea which to choose, the following introduction may give you some help.

Bostingner Thermostatic Shower System Introduction

1.Bostingner Rain Shower System with Body Spray Jets Thermostatic Wall Mount Brushed Nickel 12 Inch



Enjoy luxurious spa-like bathing with this Bostingner Rain Shower System. It features thermostatic technology that keeps water at a comfortable temperature and a personalized water control system with just one click, allowing you to mix and match between a handheld shower, massage body spray jets, and a rainfall showerhead. Safety lock fixes water temperature at 38°C (100°F) to prevent scalding. Luxury and safety for the whole family.

2.Bostingner Thermostatic Shower System Round 12 Inch Brushed Gold

Price: $499.89


Experience an oasis of relaxation with the Bostingner Thermostatic Shower System Round 12 Inch brushed gold. Its modern or traditional design offers luxurious spa features including a handheld shower, massage body spray jets, and a rainfall showerhead, all with just one click. For safety, the water temperature is locked at 38 degrees Celsius (100°F) to ensure no scalding. You can enjoy the comfort of a controlled temperature every time you shower, regardless of changes in water pressure.


Click here for more thermostatic shower products to see if there is anyone meets your requirements.

Thermostatic shower system offers unmatched luxury and convenience in any bathroom setting. Featuring adjustable settings that allow optimal temperature control, these units are ideal for those who want total control over their bathing experience.

Many models also feature dual controls that let you adjust both flow rate and temperature at the same time. Everyone in your home can customize their shower to their unique preferences.

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