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Differences between Rain Shower Head and Regular Shower Head

Differences between Rain Shower Head and Regular Shower Head

What’s the difference between rain shower head and regular shower head? The answer to this question is this one is the updated version of the regular shower head.

For those rain lover, you enjoy the rain whenever, wherever you want; this new shower head will give you the heavenly feeling to cure your broken hearts.

A regular shower head sprays down at an angle from the wall, a rain shower head is installed directly above your head, just like rain falling from the sky. This can be a very relaxing experience, completely immersing you in the downpour. This rain shower head is very big, even as large as 12 inches, which will provide more rainfall than a regular one. 

A rain shower head can be installed in two ways. Since it must be directly overhead, many are installed directly in the ceiling or in the wall. This requires more professional skills and money to install, but it creates a better look. Regular shower heads simply screw on. They’re easy to change and replace, and they’re also very cost-effective.

If water is expensive in your country, go for the regular shower head, because of the high pressure sprays, your bath can be done very quickly. At the same time, the water pressure of a rain shower head is slow. So, lots of water will be used up during your shower time.

If you don't want to spend much time on a shower, then a regular shower head is your best choice. Since a rain shower head will let you lose yourself in the extremely comfortable environment. So a rain shower head is highly applicable when time is not an issue. 

In one word, for good looks and relaxation, a rain shower head is your ideal choice. For a cheaper and quicker solution, a regular shower head is a great idea.

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