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Choosing The Right Shower Head For Your Bathroom

Choosing The Right Shower Head For Your Bathroom

The three basic elements of a house: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. So many house owners spend much time on building a luxurious shower room. But if you’re getting ready to upgrade a standard shower to a multifunction shower, it’s important to think about what kind of experience you want to have. Since different shower heads can give you different feeling, and come with their own features, pros, and cons.

Single-function shower heads are really out of date. Because the shower room is becoming bigger and water use regulations is tighter, even “basic” shower heads are getting a little fancier, with special aerators that help disguise a lower water output, the need for a better shower is imminent.

Handheld shower heads are a European-style shower head in the past but now become a popular option in the states. Rather than being attached directly to the wall, these shower heads are built to be held in the hand and are attached to a long flexible cord rather than a traditional shower arm. The shower heads hang on a hook on the wall so you can use them as a conventional shower head, but also detach so you can manipulate the shower head, using it to spray water directly on your head or back.

Rainfall shower heads are another modern shower options. Unlike regular shower heads, which are designed to spray water forcefully through the nozzles, rainfall shower heads have large, flat faces that spread water out like the rain drops down. These shower heads should be installed higher, normally mounted directly to the ceiling or the wall, to get the maximum effect.

Shower systems can have any types of shower heads, but usually include one handheld shower head, one rainfall shower head, and multiple body sprayers attached to the wall. The problem with these showers is that they’re often costly and a little difficult to install, and they use significantly more water than a normal shower.

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