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Free Shipping On US & CA | Save 10% Code: BST
Body Sprays Allow Greater Shower Experience

Body Sprays Allow Greater Shower Experience

Presently it's more straightforward than at any other time to make your ideal shower or vertical spa experience with body sprays from Bostingner. With a stylish design that fit on the wall, the body sprays flawlessly mix in with tile or other shower encompass materials. The best part is that the flexible spray face permits you to turn the water up to different directions, with 4 body jets, allowing you to make the specific shower experience you want.

"The body sprays create a more fun shower, both in style and function," said Jennifer, a customer from Bostingner. "Not only do they meet consumer demand for less space to install the shower system, but they're also designed with the plumber in mind, due to their simple installation. Plus, this body sprays from Bostingner provide 4 body jets with 16 apopores per jet. 

This shower body jets are designed with combination function, usually including a shower head, a hand held shower head, a tub spout, which will resulting in different ways of water spray. So you can enjoy the exciting feeling of water spurting from body sprays, and also the soft raining touch from the top shower head.

This body sprays are available in today's most popular finishes, including Chrome, matte black and brushed nickel. They are compatible with most of the bathroom styles, furniture and walls, no worry about the disharmony with other furnish and decorate.

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